PP Non Woven Fabric Roll

Our product range includes a wide range of pp spun bonded non woven fabric roll

PP Non Woven Fabric

Wintek offers you a high quality of coloured pp spun bond non woven fabric and laminated pp spun bond non woven fabric as well.

PP non Woven bag Fabric

We also manufactures a pp spun bond non woven bag fabric

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Wintek is a leader in the non woven fabric industry, we are specializes in producing high quality non woven fabric. Our non woven products has various applications in agriculture, packaging, mattresses, furniture, industrial products and medical sector. With latest technologies available to us, we offer the best quality non-woven fabric for our clients around the globe.

Non Woven Products

Our Products range includes PP Spun Bonded non woven fabrics, Laminated non woven fabrics, UV treated non woven fabrics and so on.


Non woven fabrics has a vast applications including Eco friendly shopping bags and packaging, filtration and construction, agriculture field and geo-textiles, mattresses and furniture, healthcare and medicine etc.


Shopping Bag & Packaging

Non Woven Fabric as Filtration Cover

Filtration & Construction




Mattress & Furniture

Non Woven Mask

Health & Medicine

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Wintek Non Woven