PP Spun Bonded
Non Woven Fabrics

Wintek Nonwoven Pvt Ltd utilizes the most recent innovation for creation of PP Non Woven Spun bond Fabric and empowers the homogeneous distribution of fabrics to have high calibre.

Our PP spunbonded non woven fabric line is fit for Fabrics having 1.6m and 2.4m width, weight ranges between 10-200gsm/m2 in different shadings.

Unlimited fibres in blend with a uniform release ensures low and uniform weight while giving great rigidity.

Non Woven Fabrics

Lamination is the process of assembling a material in various layers, with the goal that the joined physical and mechanical qualities of each layer results in a more grounded, stronger composite material.

Nonwovens lamination, specifically, is the way toward holding at least two layers, in any event one of which is a nonwoven texture, with the target of acquiring improved strength, steadiness, sound protection, appearance, or different properties.

Although more affordable to fabricate, nonwoven textures will in general be more fragile than woven ones, and the cover cycle becomes an integral factor exactly when there is the need to strengthen this nonwoven material for a multiple uses.

UV Treated
Non Woven Fabrics

UV resistant non woven is used for crop cover, frost protection, landscape fabric, green house shading, mulching, hobby gardening, insect protection, root bag, weed control, seed blanket, capillary matting.

  • Biodegradable and practical
  • 2% or 3% UV security
  • Keep compost and prevent its loss
  • Debilitate photosynthesis, controls weeds growth without utilizing synthetic compounds
  • Keep the warmth in a lower ground level and increment the ground temperature by 3-4℃
  • Great air penetrability, maintain a strategic distance from the harm of root and natural product
  • Adequately lessen the root sickness and bug bother
  • Keep the soil slackening, damp and diminish water system

Bag Making
Non Woven Fabrics

A non woven bag is produced utilizing some other material that isn’t woven.

The item can be created precisely, synthetically or thermally. Non woven fabric is additionally produced using filaments.

Nonetheless, the strands are entrapped together through whatever cycle is concerned them, rather than being woven together.

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Wintek Non Woven