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Non woven fabric are eco-friendly fabric that might be a limited life fabric or very durable fabric. Non woven fabric gives specific functions for example: quality, high capacity for load, eco-friendly and these properties are frequently combined to make fabric suited for packaging material, while accomplishing good balance between item use-life and cost. These are numerous kinds of bags are accessible in market.

Mattresses and furniture

PP Non woven fabric is also useful in making mattresses and matters it is used in underpart of bed sheet for required of delicate and smooth layer. Layer of non woven fabric mostly use to add maximum strength in bed sheet.


The fabric of Wintek Non woven Pvt. Ltd. are produced using polypropylene, a practical and condition cordial polymer by turning the material into fine fibres and holding them by heat without utilization of any fasteners.
Non woven fabric used for protect Plants and Agriculture products against weather changes, strong winds, hail etc.

Agriculture Weed Control

Product Specification :-

GSM From 15 GSM To 200 GSM
Width 2.4m S and 1.6m SS
UV Protection Fully UV Protected

Technical Specification :-

Test Unit Typical Value 50 Gsmc Test Method
Mass Per Unit Area GSM , GM/M2 50 +/- 5% ERT 40.3-90 (DIN53854)
Thickness Dtex 2.5 – 4.0
Tensile Strength – MD N/5CM 85 to 100 ERT 20.2-89 (DIN 53857)
Tensile Strength – CD N/5CM 60 to 70 ERT 20.2-89 (DIN 53857)
Elongation – MD/CD % 60 – 110 ERT 20.2-89 (DIN 53857)
Appearance Uniform Web
Treatment If Any (1) Without Treatment
(2) UV Treated

Colour Black, Any Colour
Typical Packing Specs:
Width Metres/
Any, Max. 2.4m or 1.6  m.
(Max. 126 inches)
Length Metres/Yards As Desired
Roll Diameter Cms
Max. 100.0
Max. 39.3
Wrapping Strong Plastic
Mini Rolls Any Size

Geo Textile

Typically used for separation, filtration, and drainage, these fabrics are created using needle punching vs weaving. Non woven are referred to by weight, appear, and feel like felt in texture. They are penetrable and are normally used for drainage and filtration applications.

Medical & Healthcare

At Wintek Non woven, we understand the uncompromising demands of today’s medical market.
Based on our customers demand nonwoven products that offer comfort and strength, and can be engineered to deliver added benefits such as protection and stability to sterilization.

Non Woven Mask
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Wintek Non Woven